Do Fisher and Snead Have Too Much Control of LA Rams Future?

Desperation is…well….Desperate. It can be plainly obvious and rarely ends with any positive result. Smart men make dumb decisions when faced with desperate matters. Football is no different.

Head Coach Jeff Fisher and GM Les Snead have guided the Rams through a perpetual state of average since 2012.

7-8-1, 7-9, 6-10, 7-9 (win/loss column for Rams in past four years)

Many other Coaches and GM’s would have had their walking papers by now. Yet the duo of Snead and Fisher is one that is both well liked and respected amongst both players and personnel, resulting in a longer than normal leash.

It also helps that owner Stan Kronke is a very hands-off owner on football matters, and views an NFL franchise as another savvy investment, rather than a live and die on Sundays love affair.

Speaking of Kronke and investments, his latest is a big splash in the 2nd largest market in the US. Los Angeles, a hibernating bear awaking from its 20 year slumber to welcome the NFL back to LA. Kronke can not lose, and will do whatever it takes to win in LA market. Both in business and on the field, Kronke wants to do things bigger and better than ever before, making LA a football Mecca for all fans.

Frankly Fisher and Snead are just along for the ride. Both looking down the barrel of LA cannon. Help the Rams win or get shot out of LA, along with their lackluster records. Sorry but 7-9 just isn’t LA.

In a tenure that started off with promise, GM Les Snead in his first year pulled off one of the greatest draft steals in recent memory. Trading his top pick to the Redskins for three first round picks in consecutive years 2012-2014 as well as a second rounder in 2012. We all know the outcome of that trade, and what it meant for the Redskins who drafted QB RGIII, now playing for the Cleveland Browns.

For the Rams it meant slow and steady, building around Sam Bradford and Head Coach Jeff Fisher’s plan of running the ball and playing great defense. That plan was put into action using those acquired draft picks.

Three defenders used with the first three picks and offensive lineman Greg Robinson with the last first rounder obtained from the Redskins.

One big problem. What Fisher had in his previous stint with the Oilers/Titans was a MVP quarterback in Steve McNair. An underrated small school, tough as nails, by any means necessary leader on the field. The Rams had the opposite at QB, Sam “Fragile” Bradford.

Fisher and Snead forgot what their rivals in the NFC West knew. Having a great defense was good, but having a quarterback was better. All three rivals invested wisely in the quarterback position, with mostly positive gains. Outside of Kaepernick’s recent collapse, he along with Russell Wilson and Carson Palmer have been great successes. All three QB’s have led their teams to Conference Championship games and two of the three have played in Super Bowl’s.

Now back to that desperation I spoke of. Snead and Fisher are no doubt on the “Hot Seat”. The time to win was yesterday and the move to LA means even more pressure to produce. Both GM and Coach are launching that last Hail Mary, hoping to save their jobs.

Smart men, make dumb decisions.

Relying on a Rookie to save your job is not exactly a solid plan. Yet this is what desperation creates. From a savvy trade to a dumb one, I frankly can’t agree with the Rams decision to trade up from #15 to #1 in the 2016 NFL Draft. I understand it, but refuse to go along with it.

Two quarterbacks, who would be late first round or second round picks almost any other year, are now the “Saviors” of not only a Franchise, but two respected football men.

What right to Les Snead and Jeff Fisher have to trade the LA Rams future away on the 50/50 chance they land a franchise QB? Why are “Hot Seat” GM’s and Coaches permitted so much power to dictate future outcomes, when they may very well not be around to suffer the consequences?

As a Raiders fan I understand the value of lost draft picks. Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie was left with no 1st, 2nd and 3rd picks in the 2012 NFL Draft, due to previous owner and coaches decisions. Of no fault of his own, McKenzie and the Raiders were punished by desperate moves made by individuals no longer with the team.

The Rams traded away two 1st rounder’s, two 2nd rounder’s, and two 3rd rounder’s in that “Desperate” move for a quarterback. 6 players of high value and potential, now gone on the hopes that Jared Goff or Carson Wentz can play and win…..Now!

That’s right rookie you start now and you better win some games while your at it. No sitting on the bench for a few years, no clipboard and visor. It’s now or never. That is a whole lot of pressure on a young player under the bright lights of Los Angeles with a team built to win now.

While I wish all the best to either Goff or Wentz, and I like both players, history is rarely kind to desperate moves. Recent draft history also shows the likely hood of either rookie QB producing and saving the jobs of Snead and Fisher to be very low.

I understand the move. Hell, what to they have to lose. For all the power NFL owners hold, you would think desperate moves like these would be blocked or vetoed. Rams will rise and fall on the next QB, and the fate of football in LA may rest on Jared Goff (My prediction) as well…..Good Luck.




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